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Welcome to Many Paths to Tread, your place for Tolkien related fanfic!  We are glad to welcome stories set in any Age of Arda, and featuring any of the Races!  If your fanfiction is based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and falls within our ratings guidelines, then it may find a home here.

We hope that you will not only post your stories with us, but that you will read the stories of many of the other fine writers we have among our number, and will leave comments for them!

Please feel free to let the mods know if you have any questions or concerns!

Meet the Moderators

Hey everyone, Cathleen here! I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the GFIC Group's brand new archive! We hope you'll find "Many Paths to Tread" an enjoyable place to hang out and archive your work. I've been writing Fanfic since 2004, coming in the back door, so to speak, by starting out in a non-mainstream genre, and via movie verse. I've had the pleasure of working with a number of incredible people in the fandom since that time, and I'm eternally grateful for each and every one of them and the things they have taught me. My heartfelt thanks to Dreamflower, Pearl Took, and Dawn Felagund, for without their committment and hard work, this archive would have continued to exist only in my dreams!

Hello, I'm Dreamflower, one of your mods. I've been in the Tolkien fandom since 1967, and have been writing LOTR fanfic since 2004. Cathleen asked me to co-mod the LOTR_Community_GFIC with her, and it has been a fun and enlightening experience. I am very excited to see us finally get our very own archive launched, and I hope that all of you will have a lot of fun reading and posting stories here! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Hi, I'm Pearl Took and I'm one of your Mods here at Many Paths to Tread. I have been a fan of LOTR since I was twelve years old back in 1966. I started writing fanfiction in 2002 and posted my first story in 2003. Since then I've written over 100 stories. Recently I have only been writing challenge stories for the LOTR Community Challenges.

I'm Dawn Felagund, and I'm honored to have been asked to be a part of this site as the webmaster and one of the moderators. The Lord of the Rings movies inspired me to read more about Tolkien's world, and I've been hooked ever since. I primarily play in the Silmarillion sandbox and adore the Elves best of all. I look forward to reading the stories on the archive and encourage any of you with questions or troubles with the site to contact me.

I'm Celeritas! I started writing Tolkien fan fiction in 2004, but didn't join the fandom online for another four years. I primarily work with hobbits, in order to explore daily life in the Shire; and the Fourth Age, in order to explore the relationship between the present and an increasingly legendary past. It's a real privilege involving myself further in the fandom this way. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Hi there, I am Rhapsody the Bard, one of the new mods. To many I am a familiar face since I have been around in the fandom since 2004 and have been active at other archives as a mod over the years. This bard writes and reads a lot, and likes to muse about a huge variety of ideas that firmly takes root in Tolkien's world. Foremost a Silmarillion writer, but I have a weakness for Dúnedain and once a while a hobbity story won’t go amiss. I have been a member of this group from the start and have watched it grow to such a fantastic group where so many feel at home. When asked to join the mod team to support them, I simply could not say no. If you have any questions, do ask! I am happy to help out no matter what kind of question you might have.

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July/August News

MPTT 5 Anniversary banner
Five years ago on July 27th,  the Many Paths to Tread Archive was opened. 

To celebrate, we set up a special Comment Fic Challenge. which was to be unveiled on the anniversary, but the stories are not yet complete, so we will be extending the challenge until the stories are finished! If you have not yet taken the chance to contribute, go have a look and maybe join in! We are also extending the Art Challenge for the same amount of time. We have only one entry there, but hope some of you might feel inspired to contribute still!

Thank you all for the support you have given the archive over the years!


The July Fixed-Length-Ficlet Challenge

The July Challenge stories, with the theme of "Summer Breeze" have now been posted. This was our annual fixed-length-ficlet challenge, in which each author chose a number between 101 and 400 as a word-count.

Storm Child by Erulisse (one L) As a summer thunderstorm inundates Imladris, Elrohir revels in the beauty of the clouds and strong winds.
A Child's Dream of Hope - by Larner As a young child, Faramir finds a dream to hold onto during a visit to Ithilien in his father's company.
A Hobbit Walking Party by Dreamflower A journey to celebrate the Midsummer holiday in the year of Shire Reckoning 1418 is marred by secrets.

We hope that you enjoy the stories and let the authors know!

The 2014 Tree and Flower Awards!

MPPT 5 Anniversary N


Just a quick reminder of the rules on nominations

-All stories must be posted at Many Paths to Tread by July 26 of this year. (Stories may be updated after that date, but must have been originally posted by that date.) -No self-nominations -Previous winners are ineligible for nomination. You may find the list of previous winners here. The only exception is a story which was nominated in the Work-in-Progress category in a previous year and placed may be nominated in a different category when it is completed. Stories previously nominated, but that did not place, are still eligible for nomination. -Only one nomination per category. You may nominate in as many categories as you wish. -Nominate by commenting to the appropriate thread on the nomination posts.

- This is the post for nominations of works categorized by Races.
- This is the post for nominations of works categorized by Type of work.
- This is the post for nominations of works categorized by Source.
- This is the post for nominations of works categorized by Genre.
- This is the post for nominations of works categorized by Characters.
- This is the post for nominations of works in random Special Categories.

Nominations will be open from today until August 15. So you have two weeks to nominate. There have been a few changes to the Awards, you can find that information here.
Please remember to check other nominations to make sure that the story you want to nominate has not already been nominated this year. Check other possible categories as well as the one you wish to nominate for: a story about a character may also qualify as a drama or as a drabble or some other category!

Voting polls will open on August 29, and will remain open until September 15. We hope you will enjoy this year's MPTT Tree and Flower Awards!

The August Non-fiction Challenge

The August Challenge will once again have the theme "Nonfiction." You will not receive an element for this challenge; rather, we encourage all members to submit essays, research articles, and other nonfictional works related to Tolkien's legendarium. You are free to choose your own topic!

The August challenge entries will be due Thursday, August 21 and will be revealed on Saturday, August 23.

Please tag your essay "non-fiction" and " '14 august". Use the following special header for your nonfiction entry: Put "Nonfiction" as the theme, and as "type" indicate whether it is an essay, research, tutorial or other type of nonfiction.
Make sure to put the name of your piece and your name in the subject line (e.g. "Sindarin Verbs by Scholar Sue").

<b>Author's Notes:</b> 
<b>Word Count:</b>

I hope we'll have lots of participants for our August challenge!

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