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2012 June Challenge: The Longest Day by Dreamflower

The June Challenge will have the theme "The Longest Day". Stories should explore the idea of "the longest day", whether literally or metaphorically. Your prompt for the challenge will be a link to music that hopefully will inspire you.

The June challenge stories will be due Thursday, June 14th and will be revealed on Saturday, June 16th. Please tag your story "longest day". Please remember to use the header template on the community profile page, and to put the name of your story and your name in the subject line (e.g. "Frodo's Amazing Adventure by Mary Sue").

Categories: Challenge Stories
Characters: None

Archery Tournament by jessisnotanowl

Prompt: AU At the end of the hobbit everyone lives. Feeling bored without any dragons or orcs to destroy the Dwarfs host an Archery Tournament. The main rivalry should be between Kili, Bard and Legolas but anyone else is also fine. Enjoy!

Categories: The Hobbit
Characters: Dwarf: Kili

Crazy Crossovers by WendWriter

For the Archives of Excellence. If you want to participate in this month's writing challenge, please come up with an unlikely crossover. Any fandom (crossed with Tolkien's for this website), any genre, any length. I'll put up a link to a poll of the entries at the end of the month.

Categories: The Lord of the Rings, Other Fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien
Characters: None

It's Not My Fault! by Eruherdiriel

A youngster on a trip gets in trouble for something s/he didn't do. 

Categories: Challenge Stories
Characters: None

The Sound of Silence by Beatrice

How about stories that focus on quieter moments in Middle Earth?  The topic is pretty broad, but the only stipulation would be that dialogue (or any speech, for that matter) is prohibited.

I hope the theme hasn't already been done, but if it has, feel free to toss this one, then.  And if you decide to go with it, adjust it as you all see fit, since this is my first time submitting a challenge so I'm not all that experienced with these things.

Categories: Challenge Stories
Characters: None