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Balar by Keiliss

[Reviews - 12]

Mainly about Gil-galad during the late First Age, and the people closest to him

Parent Series: None
Categories: The Silmarillion
Characters: Elf: Círdan, Elf: Erestor, Elf: Galadriel/Artanis, Elf: Gil-galad, Elf: Gildor Inglorion, Elf: Lindir, Half-Elven: Elrond, Half-Elven: Elwing, Númenórean: Elros
Genres: Action/Adventure, Character study, Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance-slash
Places: Beleriand
Times: 1-First Age: late
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Open: Closed
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