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A Stranger on the Sands by MP brennan

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"And Aragorn went alone far into the East and deep into the South, exploring the hearts of Men, both evil and good, and uncovering the plots and devices of the servants of Sauron."


This is the story of a Man known, for a time, only as "Dakheel" and of a land known, for a time, only as "Harad."

Parent Series: None
Categories: The Lord of the Rings
Characters: As a Group: Haradrim, Northern Dúnedain: Aragorn/Strider, Original Female Character, Original Male Character
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Saga
Places: Gondor: Minas Tirith/Minas Anor, Harad
Times: 3-Third Age: late, 3-Third Age: Post-War of the Ring
Warnings: 3. violence
Challenges: None
Open: Closed
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