Reviews For 09. 2008 December Challenge: Yule Fic Exchange

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Reviewer: Cathleen (Signed)
08/19/10 - 07:57 am
The Tinker's Tale

Oh, this was as much fun to read a second time!

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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
07/08/10 - 08:00 pm
A Simple Task Gone Awry

*snicker* I'd forgotten all about this one! LOL! Poor Frodo-- no one ever lets him do ANYTHING!  And I loved Gandalf's Sherlock Holmes imitation!

Do you suppose he ever got the picture hung?

Author's Response:

Thank you, Dreamflower! :-)  I think this was part of my personal protest regarding pathetic St. Frodo. LOL The dear Hobbit really doesn't fall apart too badly until he get back to the Shire. I thik see his home land in ruins was one blow he couldn't take.

I think Gandalf and Holmes are related ;-)

Yes, he got the picture hung the very next day. Everyone stood there and watched - just to make sure he didn't hurt himself.  LOL

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Reviewer: Virtuella (Signed)
07/08/10 - 09:51 am
Wreathed in Smiles

I remember how much I liked this when I first read it, and I still found it charming a second time round.

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Reviewer: nautika (Signed)
06/27/10 - 09:13 pm
Rallying Before the Darkness

I appreciated the many parts to this story: Halabarad and Aragorn, the way they view the Hobbits, Aragorn's duty to Elrond, even when he should be sleeping, and a nice touch of Aragorn's relationships with the twins and with Arwen. All wrapped into one Yule package!

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Reviewer: Araloth the Random (Signed)
06/05/10 - 04:32 am
Goldilocks and the Three Kisses

Awww! *squeals* That was very cute. Yayness for hobbit-love! ;)

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Reviewer: Linda Hoyland (Signed)
02/08/10 - 09:18 pm
Rallying Before the Darkness

I enjoyed this glimpse of Aragorn both as Ranger and Elrond's foster son. I loved the way he shows his confidence that the Hobbits will prevail during the dark days ahead.

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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
02/07/10 - 11:25 pm
Failure of Duty

When it came time to choose a "something old" story for our comment challenge this time, I confess I thought of you at once-- a large number of your stories are among favorites of mine that stand up well to re-reading, although you've yet to add some of your best ones here--but I'm sure time will remedy that!

I remember when I first read this story, finding it a marvel.  I had felt rather sorry for you getting a request with so many requirements to it, and such difficult subject matter-- I didn't see how anyone could have done it justice!

Well, you certainly proved me wrong in the event.  Not only did you cover every aspect of your recipient's wishes, you did so in a way that made for a very dignified examination of an embarrassing episode-- and it doing so, you hit a lot of my own favorite elements: a Pippin who's trying hard to be the adult he's treated as, yet still subject to a tween's occasional lapse of judgement; a Frodo who exerts his cousinly authority well even in the face of what must seem the incomprehensibly harsh customs of Men; a Merry who, while protective of Pippin's physical well-being, is yet even more concerned with protecting his cousin's hard-won dignity; a Sam who understands more about Pippin's motives than would be expected; an Aragorn who must render justice tempered with mercy in a way that won't violate the laws of the realm; and a supporting cast of the Men of Gondor who have fallen under the spell of their valiant small comrade, and will not allow him to be punished alone, when they bore some of the responsibility.

The result is a story that is less about Pippin's actual transgression and the painful  embarrassment it caused him, and more about how to bear up to such embarrassment in a way that turns it to respect.

So I will say again: Well done! 

Author's Response:

Thank you so, Barbara.  It will take time to get everything copied to here--I have over 243 stories according to HASA, where I don't have my short stories in collections as I do on most sites.

For me it's a given that the Hobbits have their own native dignity, and that it's best exemplified in Frodo and Sam of the four Travellers.  That Pippin would seek to earn the respect of those alongside whom he worked seems most likely, and that Frodo wpould get a bit maudlin in trying to protect him and need to be reminded that Pippin is both willing and able to stand for himself, and that those who could legitimately join in his punishment and not belittle him were best those considered his peers.  The one who as a lad forbade Esmeralda to interfere in his fights but accepted the support of the other lads needs to see this is as true now for Pippin as it was for him as a child.

And Golden DOES come up with some doozies, doesn't she?  Bless her for sparking such stories as this!  And when she wrote the request about wanting to know how things might go if poor Pippin needed to use the bathroom on duty and I'd already written this----  Again, bless her!

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Reviewer: Kaylee Arafinwiel (Signed)
02/04/10 - 09:36 am
Hero or No Hero

Who taught Frodo how to pinch things indeed? I suppose it couldn't have been Bilbo the estimable Burglar Baggins? *ponders* Lovely story Golden, now what happened to Pip I wonder? Hobbit Hood! :) I love it!


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Reviewer: Peregrin Ionad (Signed)
02/02/10 - 12:45 am
The Tinker's Tale

This was really good! a nice twist as well :D


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