Reviews For Tales from the White Tree: The Heirs of Elessar

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Reviewer: sian22 (Signed)
09/24/14 - 04:39 pm
Prologue - Reflection

I am so very very touched to see you incorporate a child with disability into this story Kaylee.  It is so much more common than people realize and so important to be seen, discussed, made real and normal.  My son has a form of muscular dystrophy and very recently, after much soul searching, I included a disabled child in one of my Faramir stories.  Thank so much for this

Author's Response:

Thank you for reviewing, Sian :) Celebriel is, to a point, based on me - like me, she has cerebral palsy, though hers is more debilitating than mine. I also have epilepsy and high-functioning (very high-functioning, I'm borderline) autism. She'll probably show characteristics of the latter, if not the former. I think showing characters who have disabilities, and exploring how they would be viewed, is very important.

And you're welcome :) 



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