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Reviewer: KarasAunty (Signed)
08/14/10 - 06:00 am
The King's Prayer

Hello Larner,

this is a very touching look at the hopes and fears which may have possessed Aragorn on his journey as he wondered how Frodo and Sam fared on their own. And so unusual too - I don't think I've ever read a fic which is concerned solely with this subject.

That he took time at various stages in his weary, war-filled travels from Amon Hen and beyond to offer up prayers for their well-being - and not just because they carried the hope of the West with them - is so typically noble and kind of Aragorn.

I really enjoyed the way his prayers developed at various key stages throughout the Quest, and that we saw his love for others dear to him - Arwen, Gandalf, Merry and Pippin and, of course, dear Halbarad.

Beautifully done, m'dear. Beautifully done!

M :)

Author's Response:

Again, thanks so, Maureen.  I wrote this some time ago, and finally got it copied here.  There must have been many Aragorn came to love dearly over the years, and it must have hurt a good deal to lose his kinsman Halbarad. 

But there is something so special about Frodo.  Frodo accepted him before he knew for certain who or what he was; Frodo showed a personal strength beyond Aragorn's experience in fighting the Morgul Shard, and Aragorn undoubtedly assisted in helping to remove it; he'd had lots of time to come to appreciate just how special a person Frodo was, and particularly as Frodo himself thought of himself as basically an every-day kind of Hobbit.  How deeply Aragorn and the others must have worried about him once he took off on his own, accompanied only by Sam.

Thank you so very much!

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