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Reviewer: Virodeil (Signed)
06/17/11 - 06:39 am
A Frodo Returns to Bag End

There are indeed many ways to imortalise a mortal. :) It was a sweet, lovely glimpse into Sam's life that you have here. I firstly read it on Teitho, and I'm glad that you put it here.


I'm glad, too, that Sam finally had what he most wanted. I just hope this Frodo is not spoiled silly by his father! Haha.


But yes, you captured one of Tolkien's favourite themes nicely and excellantly here. The end is the beginning, after all. And from grief springs joy. (Huh... We've got two there, not one... Heheh.)


Now I am hunting for your other excellant pieces. So see you elsewhere!



Author's Response:

Thanks, Rey.  I did write this for ALEC, and I'm glad you recognized it.  And, yes, this was one of the Master's favorite themes, I think. 

I suspect that if Frodo-lad was spoiled, it was a good-kind of being spoiled,  I'm certain he always knew he was loved.

Not all my work is posted here as yet, but a good deal of it is.

Thanks so!

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