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Reviewer: CrackinAndProudOfIt (Signed)
03/11/12 - 02:20 pm
Chapter 1

That was absolutely breath-taking! Your imagery was so powerful and vivid. I loved the way that you described the details of the tree's past, along with the idea of Treebeard's awakening it to convince it to go with him to safe ground. That seems very much like something he would be found doing, even when, and especially because, Beleriand is being destroyed around them.

I really enjoyed, also, the references to the Silmarillion events that occurred in each region as it is drowned. The alternating perspective, from the song of Treebeard to the old elm to the great wave slowly ravaging the rest of Beleriand. Your use of Treebeard's song from TTT as the blueprint was very creative and effective; the lines ending each section in that point of view were also very powerful in their melancholy contradiction of that very song.

It seems to me that there just aren't enough stories on the intriguing topic of Ents in the First Age, so I really loved the way you incorporated both that rarer topic and the also lesser-seen idea of describing the destruction of Beleriand in such detail. I really enjoyed everything about this fic, from the plot to the language. It was amazing!
-Crackers :)

Author's Response:

Thank you very much! I'm very glad you enjoyed this so much--both sides to the story!

I mostly write Silm fic, so the destruction of Beleriand touches me nearly. Treebeard's song is one of my favourite poems in LOTR, and its obvious references to Silm locations made me want to try my hand at writing Treebeard in the First Age.

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