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Reviewer: Oshun (Signed)
08/28/12 - 08:22 pm
Chapter 1

I had forgotten how much fun this story is. How would one describe it, arrogant Noldor outwitted by a clever Avarin con artist. Favorite lines:

<i>“Why, we are lords of our Houses and direct the business of our Houses from our. . . great. . . houses. . .” Glorfindel faltered.

“Whenever do you find time to yourselves?” Lotsêk asked with an innocent smile.

“We don’t need time to ourselves,” Ecthelion sputtered, “we are friends, only friends.” He looked exceeding uneasy.</i>

There are a lot more like that. I love that he finds Earendil to be a creepy little kid, probably worried about being figured out my him.

Author's Response:

You wouldn't believe all the research I did for that silly joke about the house colors. I'm glad you remember this one fondly. It was great fun to write and I like my little con artist character. I don't write OC's very often so it's gratifying to know this worked out so well. Thanks for your comments. You made my day.

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