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Reviewer: tiinaj1 (Signed)
03/28/15 - 07:38 pm
Final Judgments

Wow!! This is a very intense story that I read in 24 hours. Loved it! I thought its very like CSI: Middle Earth and I loved that its not featured 100% around the Fellowship but complete w new characters. My only complaint was that it was very hard to keep the characters straight other than a few main ones. The lesser characters ended up being rather jumbled in my head by the end of the story.


Very well done!!!


Author's Response:

I can understand the characters becoming muddled!  And I am glad to learn it grabbed you so much that you had to read it fully.  After following the West Memphis Three case for so long I had to write the case as well as I could into a story set within Middle Earth.

Thanks so much for the comments--I grieve it took so long to respond.

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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
08/21/11 - 08:11 am
Epilogue--A Package from the Shire

I finished the story very late last night.  Congratulations on writing one of the most engrossing stories I've read recently-- it kept me glued to my Nook for nearly 2 days straight!

This is a perfect ending for the story, and you found closure for every character with the exception of the unwilling Dunlandish witness. (I wonder will he ever crop up in a future Larner story?)  That the murderer was killed in the Shire (and by PIPPIN! YAY!) seems very fitting.

I also like that Denethor had recognized the troubles in Anorien, and would have looked into the matter himself if the events of the War had not intervened.

I am so pleased also, that the RL case has found a resolution, although sadly not quite such a neat and tidy one as the M-e case.  If only our leaders today had half the gumption and integrity of Aragorn and his kinsmen!

Once again, Congratulations all around!


Author's Response:

Thanks so very much, Barbara.  To see real-life suddenly reflecting art, if so oddly, was a shock, and all of us who have been supporting the three who went into prison as boys and who have come out particularly mature Men in the best sense of the word are still more than a bit bemused.  Damien and Jason went yesterday to get state ID cards so they can fly elsewhere.  Damien says he can no longer tolerate the heat and humidity of Arkansas, and hopes to move somewhere cooler and rainier, and of course those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest tend to recommend our neck of the woods as best meeting that description throughout the country!  Heh!

I did want to tidy up all the loose ends (in fact, "Tidying up the Ends" was the working title for the epilogue!), and to indicate that even Lyrien might have found renewed faith in life, as well as possible happiness and fulfilment both as a person and a woman with Anorgil.  In fact, I suspect that Anorgil, Lyrien, and Alvric may well become more recurring characters in my-verse!  Heh!

And I so wanted for Faramir to have another reason to remember his father with some pride.

And who better for dispatching one of Saruman's last abominations than Pippin--right?

Thank you and all here for all your support and for allowing this story to stand.  Bless you all!

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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
08/20/11 - 10:23 am
What Everyone Knows

Taking a brief break from reading to let you know: this is my favorite chapter yet!

Author's Response:

And I'm so glad you do.  I like to think that Harolfileg and the children managed to break down the Elf's natural reserve when around the secondborn, and that he begins to realize why the prince of his chosen realm has found himself also opening his heart to mortals such as Aragorn, the Hobbits, and even that pestilential Dwarf!  Together Harolfileg and the three children are beginning to realize that many of their preconceptions are wrong.

Thanks so very much, Dramflower!

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Reviewer: Elentarri (Signed)
08/18/11 - 12:47 pm
Prelude: Evil at Day's End



I started reading this story posted on another site and desperately needed to read the rest, so found it here.  I'm hoping you will post the last few chapters as soon as possible?

Your writing style is beautiful!  I especially love reading about the Dunedain of Arnor.  They got left out of everything.  :)


Happy writing.



Author's Response:

The actual final chapters are posted, but for some reason the site is keeping them hidden.  Dreamflower's tried to fix it, but it appears it will take Dawn's special touch to get them readable.

And there is drama going on right now regarding the real case that inspired this story--at least two of the three young men accused of this horrible crime may well be out of prison tomorrow!  Woohoo!  I hope all three of them, actually, since all were told to pack up everything they own for a transfer to the Jonesboro jail, and Damien is FINALLY off death row!

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Reviewer: Franavu (Signed)
08/02/11 - 12:41 pm
Journey Toward Judgment

Love the story so far, can't wait to see Aragorns reaction, I'm guessing he won't be happy. And as this is happening around midsummer, does that mean Elrond himself will be around and can give medical evidence?

Author's Response:

Oh, I'm so pleased someone has offered a review, even though the story's not quite done.  Actually, this is all taking place within the first month after Aragorn's coronation, so it's not even the equivalent of June, while in both Shire and Steward's Reckoning Midsummer comes at the end of the month of June.  But there IS one healer trained by Elrond dwelling at that time in Minas Tirith, you know.  Heh!

Am about a third of the way through the next chapter, I think, and hope to have it all posted by the end of the week.

Thanks so very much!

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