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Reviewer: KarasAunty (Signed)
11/01/11 - 12:21 pm
The Enigma of the Mysterious Shop

Hello Larner,

this was great. Very funny and highly entertaining. Good research on 19th century London, good use of Cockney, loved the Sherlock HOlmes aspect to it, and Frodo and Sam uncharacteristically at each others throats was highly amusing indeed!

Very good work (but then I'd expect no less from you),


M ;)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Maureen.  Considering the breadth of what I've written, it was difficult to think how I could write "outside the box."  At first I'd intended to place this in Ankh Morpork with Frodo and Sam facing Captain Carrot and his werewolf girlfriend, but somehow it worked better by being placed in Holmes's London.  And Pratchett's traveling shop just had to stay in the story, of course. 

But somehow the idea that Frodo and Sam would on occasion actually snipe at one another seemed to fit so well in this one! 

Thanks so very much!

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