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Reviewer: pandemonium_213 (Signed)
11/25/11 - 07:47 am
Belladonna's Gift

Tolkien was such a darned tease in The Hobbit, i.e., "As I was saying, the mother of this hobbit -  of Bilbo Baggins,  that is  -  was  the  fabulous Belladonna Took,  one of the three remarkable  daughters of the Old Took, head of the hobbits who lived across The Water, the small  river that ran at the foot of The Hill."

"Fabulous" and "remarkable" certainly make me want to know much more about these hobbit-women, but well, JRRT had plenty of other fish to fry.  However, that sentence is such a rich source for fan fiction, and you've done that (and how!) here.  "Belladonna's Gift" is a poignant look at the waning life of the fabulous Belladonna Took, and it's a realistic look at aging and looking back at memories, which she captures in the gift for her son.

A beautiful story, and when I go see PJ's cinematic fan fiction (and I know I will!), I'll know that the dressing gown was crafted by the Fabulous Belladonna Took.

Author's Response:

Yes, he was a tease. It would be fun someday if among all that stash of his papers, some little vignettes of hobbit-life could be discovered. *sigh*

My Belladonna did have an Adventure or two in her past, minor ones compared to her brothers Hildifons and Isengar, which have received brief and passing mentions in some of my other stories.  Hopefully she will eventually tell me enough to flesh them out a little...

One of the things I've had as part of Bilbo's backstory was that the Fell Winter had an impact on him, causing him to become less "Tookish" and more "Baggins", part of why he had put thought and memory of Gandalf behind him.  Now I know that both his parents were seriously ill during that time (probably due to depriving themselves to take care of him) and that as young as he was, he had to take care of them.  But they never completely recovered afterwards, which would account for their (for hobbits) relatively early deaths.

I've often been inspired by visual elements of PJ's lovely cinematic fanfics!  That dressing gown though-- it absolutely hit me the second I saw it, that his mother must have made it for him!

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