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Reviewer: Keiliss (Signed)
09/03/12 - 07:00 pm
Once upon Amon Hen...

I hadn't read this before, Rhaps. It's a really interesting idea, the One appealing to Feanor's surviving son, true High King as indeed he was. And Maglor being stronger than that, knowing darkness when he faced it.

Author's Response:

After having held a tainted Silmaril, I do believe that he would recognise temptation to resist when he saw it. Now that I come to think of it, would the High-king ship not have passed onto Maglor (technically), since he was still alive... but lost.  It makes me wonder what thoughts Gil would have on that or what he'd do if he would encounter Maglor. Now there's a bunny. Eeek!!! Thank you for the review and my apologies forn the delay in replying...

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