Reviews For The Burning Cold of Snow

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Reviewer: Ellynn (Signed)
01/12/12 - 01:21 pm
Chapter 1

I guess that none of us really likes orcs. They are evil, they are enemies. But, in stories, whenever a nameless, faceless orc becames a person with a name, it feels different: he is no longer a nameless enemy, but he is a character we slowly get to know. We sympathize with him, we feel what he feels, and finally, if he dies, we are sorry for him.

And that's exactly what you managed to do here. Brushkut is by no means a good hearted hero, but he becomes dear to us. While reading, I somehow hoped he'd survive... and when he was, to quote you, burned by snow in the end, I was a little sad.

Nicely written, dear.

P.s. If you feel like reading about orcs, may I reccomend one story?

Author's Response:

Thanks, Ellynn.  I have ended up writing quite a bit about the various denizons of the Dark Lords and I enjoy looking at all sides.  I'm delighted that poor Brushkut ended up, in his own way, being a sympathetic character.   It just proves that you have a good heart :-)  


As for reading additional orcish stories, I'm always up for recommendations.  It's possible I may have already read it, or it may be a treat just awaiting me :-)


- Erulisse (one L)

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