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Reviewer: Virodeil (Signed)
02/04/11 - 05:33 am
A Conspiracy Begun

Thanks for this lovely background gapfiller! :) The characterisation was excellant, and the pace, albeit quick, was unhurried. Merry's fear was not unfounded; but I thought, as a Bucklander, he would be more accustomed to queerness.


This piece made me hope for something other the heavy thoughts of the Ring and the later journey far, far away from the Shire, though... What happened during the fishing trip? Or the walking trip? Did Pippin do something silly, perhaps without meaning to? That would make a lovely humor-fluff...


I am glad you slipped some light moments here. It lessened the heaviness slightly. And well, nothing in life is truly dark (or the opposite), as some would say. And it gave out some plot bunnies too... LOL


I hoped you would give an epilogue to this; perhaps what Merry thought about this point in his life, which might feel like an age ago... Would you please write about it? I would ask your permission to write about it, but I am not good with writing about hobbits, alas. :rueful:



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