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Reviewer: Winterwitch (Signed)
09/04/13 - 06:21 pm
Chapter 1

This is very powerful and gripping, told with so much beauty.

Author's Response:

Ahhhhh ... you found my other favorite little piece.  I pulled this out of a longer series of vignettes from Thranduil's POV, for the B2ME Passport challenges, because I liked it so much and was afraid the longer bit would never get done.  With reason, clearly, since it's two - three? years later?  Menopausal memory, I can't remember when that was, but I was motivated enough to try for all the passport stamps.  This one unfolded a bit like a movie in my mind, so I wanted readers to be able to *see* what I was seeing.  

I'm further flattered that you took time to read a couple of my stories on the same day - that's a bit of a time commitment, so I really appreciate the time you spent in my little corner of fandom!  Thanks so much for both the lovely reviews!


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