Reviews For The Night the Sea Came In.

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Reviewer: curiouswombat (Signed)
08/12/12 - 09:31 am
The Night the Sea Came In

What a wonderful, powerful, description of the drowning of the world.  I loved Lindir's voice throughout it all, reminding of just what was lost, heedlessly swept away.  Also his strength - gently stonger than many and less strong than no-one.

Author's Response:

When I got the swap assignment I wondered how this could be an equal relationship - king and minstrel - but Lindir is so much his own person it never seemed an issue. I enjoyed Lindir and I'm so glad he spoke to you. I liked your comment about his strength, I don't think anyone else picked up on that but I was very aware of it while writing him. Thank you so much for a lovely review, I'm happy you liked the story.

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