Reviews For Prince of Númenor

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Reviewer: My Blue Rose (Signed)
04/19/15 - 09:59 pm
Chapter 3

cool idea with the map!

Author's Response:

My apologies for the delay in responding to your lovely notes about this story!  Thank you both for reading and hanging around to leave these couple of reviews!  I began posting this story as part of a B2MEM story - mmmmmm ... years ago now, and it took nearly three years to actually finish it.  Which made me repeat my vow to never ever ever again post a WIP!

I know we don't all have the same *view* of characterization, so I'm reallyu delighted you found mine acceptable.  I know if I'd been in Aragorn's situation, I'd have felt totally blindsided by suddenly learning I'm an heir to a kingship, not to mention one of the most notorious men in Middle-earth.  The map, now, that was fun to play with and try to imagine what Numenor would have looked like, the builders of it being so heavily influenced by their close association with the elves.   


Thanks again for spending time in my corner of fandom!  

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Reviewer: My Blue Rose (Signed)
04/19/15 - 09:30 pm
Chapter 1

this is quite good. Like your characterization of Aragorn and how he feels betrayed by his family.

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Reviewer: Tanis (Signed)
08/07/13 - 03:26 pm
Chapter 14

Sighhhhh ... If you come back by here, Curious Wombat, my most since apologies.  I was trying to delete the author response - that didn't come through because I stupidly in IE and forgot that I have go to Firefox in order to be able to post here - and instead, deleted your lovely review.  My profuse apologies.  Me and technology are not best buds.   

This is really the author reply to your note.  Yes, you did comment on this story, often and thoughtfully over at Faerie, which I much appreciated.  Thank you for leaving a note here too, and for the nomination!  I'm new enough out here for it to be a real thrill just to be nominated! 


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