Reviews For Weaving Peace

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Reviewer: curiouswombat (Signed)
09/24/13 - 02:33 pm
Chapter 2

How interesting to see Indrin considering how the coming of a King, and no doubt eventually a Queen, will change her own role andresponsibilities.  And very realistically not just thinking 'how nice'!

I am enjoying the tour around the city in their company, and their conversations, a great deal.

Author's Response:

Thank you! Yes, the shifting of roles and responsibilities in the 'hierarchy' with the coming of the King was bound to affect more than one person, I think. And not all of them would take to that easily.
Fleshing out Minas Tirith was the most fun part to write - it's exciting to ponder how a medieval-like city of seven levels might be structured in order to be most functional for all residents.


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