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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
11/06/13 - 07:09 am
The Ringbearer and the Door Warden

Awww...I like old Horto. He's clearly fond of Frodo, but remains to Frodo an acquaintance rather than a close friend, which is why Frodo can confide to a certain extent in him.

Author's Response:

Horto has appeared in several of my stories, and I do believe that as with many of those who knew Frodo when he was growing up in the Hall he has a distinct fondness for the once-resident Baggins.  But, as you pointed out, he's not so close that Frodo is going to try to hide everything away from him, and I think he truly wanted to know, to which Frodo will try to explain at least some of why Sharkey did what he did.

I feel sometimes that I'm, in a way, telling the same story from different points of view; but exploring how someone as inately private as Frodo Baggins could be coaxed into revealing more than he usually wants to say is a subject I (obviously) find fascinating.

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