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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
03/28/14 - 04:49 am
Last Conversation

Aww...I'm glad she learned her lesson, and early enough to make life a little easier for those who surrounded her, and I'm glad Frodo got the chance to know that.

I have often observed that people who are rude and acerbic use that rudeness to get their own way. People who are civil by nature tend to give way to them in the hopes of preserving the peace. Pretty soon it becomes their main way of interacting, and the only way to deal with them is to push back firmly.

Frodo did so with Dirna, and shocked her into realizing that sometimes rudeness did NOT get her what she wanted, and that perhaps it was not always the best way to deal with others. Habits of a lifetime are not easily overthrown, but at least it helped.

I'm glad you wrote this follow-up!

Author's Response:

Thanks so, Barbara.  I've known the same thing, and also even within my own family.  I've learned that when you let others get their way too often they judge you as weak and end up scorning you, so I had to stand up for myself.

At least Dirna did realize that she had to soften her responses, allowing others to feel at least somewhat comfortable with her for the first time in many years, and  she did apologize, as much as she could, of course.

I never expected to do a follow-up to the last story, but this one insisted I write it.  Even old dogs can apparently learn at least parts of a new trick, apparently!

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