Reviews For Before the Great Music: An Account Before the Ainulindale

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Reviewer: Huinare (Signed)
04/02/14 - 11:05 pm
Chapter 1: The Lure of the Void

It takes quite a bit to pull me out of lurking mode these days, but the title and summary of this story did.  I was very pleased to read this.  The Ainur (especially Melkor) before the Music are a fascinating thing to think on, and rarely addressed in fic.  I love Melkor's desire to apprehend new things on his own here, in contrast to Manwë's unquestioning--and, dare I say, complacent--trust.  Very feasible characterizations.

Author's Response:


Thanks for reading my story! I'll post the next chapter as soon I have time.

Mostly, I would be exploring the workings of Melkor's mind. Of all the Ainur, he had always been the most morally complicated, even though most people tend to just arbitrarily brand him as pure evil. I think his flaws actually represent those that are already innately present in the Children of Iluvatar, most notably Men and Dwarves, like corruptibility, greed, hate, and pride... just taken to the extreme.

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