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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
09/30/14 - 09:32 pm
A Wizard's Blessing

Oh how delightful! I love the idea of Gandalf being there for Bilbo's entrance into the world!

(And I got a big goofy grin at your tweaking of my own fanon about the use of "Father" among the Tooks!)


Author's Response:

I just love to think that Gandalf was able to see the birth of his next true friend within the Shire in the company of his last true friend from the Shire, and that he'd had a long-standing respect for at least some Hobbits within Middle Earth most of his time as one of the Wizards.  And I, too, have felt that the Tooks took their address for their dads at least in part from Elvish influence.  Heh!  So glad you like this!  Happy October!

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