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Reviewer: Febobe (Signed)
05/24/15 - 09:54 pm
The Call Heard

I do like this so much. Very moving, very touching. I love the idea that Frodo heard the Sea call...and that Sam heard it too. :) And I especially loved this: 

That’s to be his home now, there with the Elves as he loves and as loves him.

And this: 

She reached out to touch one of the blunt bumps, following the swirling line of them with her finger.  “Do you think as Cousin Frodo heard them blowin’, then, to make him ride off to the Sea to sail away with the Elves?”

            He shrugged, but it wasn’t one of the shrugs that usually meant one was uncertain.  “I suppose as he well might of, Miss Cyclamen.  I suppose as he did.”

            And I’ve heard them, too, blowing for me, he thought.  Only it’s not time for me to sail, not yet.  But one day I probably shall, and find him again, afore I go on.

Such a poignant piece. Thank you so much. Glad I finally made it to reading and reviewing over here!


Author's Response:

I'm not certain what caused me to write to Ulmo's trumpets, but I'm glad I did!  And am so glad those passages pleased you particularly.  I do like Cyclamen and love having her in my stories when I can, and this gave me a chance to do so.

So glad you liked this so.  My posting home is Stories of Arda, so things tend to go there first and then get added here.  Have to get the next chapter of "Enter the Ranger" posted elsewhere--right now it's only on SoA, I fear. 


Oh, goody--CuriousWombat has the next chapter of "Cushions" posted--something I think you'd enjoy even if it doesn't include Frodo!  I'll have to go read it!  Again, thanks so very much for the feedback!

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