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Reviewer: Febobe (Signed)
05/24/15 - 09:46 pm
One Final Boat Ride upon the River

OMG, I'm in LOVE. (See, told you I was poking around over here tonight.) How many ways do I love this? The hint that Primula and Frodo both have a measure of premonition or foresight...the fact that it's GOLLUM who causes the deaths of Frodo's parents...OMG...the adorable tiny hobbitness that is Frodo with his brushes and his parents.... This story is just delicious. Thank you for sharing it. <3

Author's Response:

Am so glad that you loved it.  Gollum is known to have gone to Mordor in about that year, but I figure that he could easily make it there if Frodo's parents died in the late spring or early summer.  Heh!  In one story Merimac's wife remembers that Primula used brushing Frodo's feet as a technique to get him to relax and she'd brush them often before bed, so I had to write this story showing her brushing her little lad's feet at least once!  I like writing Drogo and Primula from time to time, and this was a good one to show the family dynamics on that one horrible night.


Thanks so!

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