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Reviewer: IgnobleBard (Signed)
01/20/16 - 10:15 am
The Second Gamble

This was certainly different. I'm not big on those Gondolin folks but I enjoyed this look at Indris and Tuor at this pivotal moment in the histories. The idea that the Elves in the Undying Lands would be uncomfortable around all the messy folk that showed up from Middle-earth is great and you really capture that mood here. I especially like the conversation between the vapid little court ladies and Idril's reaction. I also love the way you've written Tuor, such a good husband and still so much his own man. And the ending strikes just the right note.

Author's Response:

What a great review, thank you sooo much! I've always liked how Idril and Tuor somehow escaped the professor's attention long enough to get their default happy ending, barely a moment of angst in sight (not a normal First Age event there). Everything about their story speaks of mutual love and respect - I think it's summed up for me by Idril sailing with him at the end when she could have stayed with the family in Sirion (a good choice as it turned out, meant she didn't have to face her cousins when they came calling, lol). I thought they would be rather the odd couple once they were allowed to remain in the Undying Lands and the rest followed - I already had the idea of the newcomers being out of sync with Paradise from writing Beyond the Sea, so I ran with it.

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