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Reviewer: Kaylee Arafinwiel (Signed)
01/24/17 - 12:50 pm
On the Job Learning

Hi Dreamflower! This story is so adorable! <3 I love Dahlia, Frodo and baby Merry!

I think there might be a missing piece, though...These two don't seem to lead naturally into each other. (Maybe there's something going around eating fic-pieces? Atto Fiondil's Unfinished Tales seemed to have a missing chapter on SoA...)

Mother Gilda has not

"Children? I thought little Master Merry was your one and only." Dahlia was surprised.

Author's Response:

How odd! It looked fine in the preview! I will go check on that--it's a rather large chunk! Meanwhile I will see if I can fix it!

I'm quite glad you enjoyed the dynamic between Frodo, Merry and Dahlia--it would have been a hard path to tread for a servant who was not used to having someone help her at her job!

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