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Reviewer: Himring (Signed)
01/30/17 - 09:58 pm

(Slightly adapted copy of my comment over at SWG)

This story confirms my prejudice that everything is better with Fingon. Well, most things. (Sighs dreamily together with Miss Chapped Lips.)

I would like to believe that Maedhros has been a better teacher than he thinks, although I'm sure he could be better still, with a bit of boost from a cousin and a bit of hope. Personally, I can't believe he was boring about Quendian grammar in the past either, but then I'm a nerd and think Quendian grammar sounds like a fascinating subject.

Also, it seems time that one of the returnees was a bit more enthusiastic about Finarfin's reforms, even if they are less than perfect (as the description of the lower circles also suggests).

I liked Anaire forgetting to remove the price tag, showing she was flustered at the return of her son and less self-possessed than she appears--but still thoughtful enough to think of cushioning him against hurt.

What I forgot to mention before: I really liked the description of  that short moment in Himring and that that moment, above all, was one to go back to, in despite of all that followed...

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