Reviews For The Witnesses

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Reviewer: Oshun (Signed)
10/29/17 - 07:32 am
Chapter 1

I like the balance in this story. You took one of my favorite genres of Tolkien fanfic--the Silmarillion/LotR merge. So many times when I am writing a character bio or a Silmarillion fanfic I am startled into awareness of how deeply all these thread are woven into LotR. It really is what gives LotR it's richness.

And then in the end, everything leads to Arwen and Aragorn.

It was a pleasure to re-read when you posted it here. You inspire me. Makes me want to write Valandil.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much, Oshun! I'm glad you enjoyed re-reading it and good to hear you found it inspiring! Valandil is definitely worth writing about!

Yes, it is all very much interwoven, isn't it? From the Silmarillion all the way to Aragorn and Arwen (and also backward, in the later revisions of the Silm material).

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