Reviews For The Heavenly Arch

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Reviewer: Oshun (Signed)
11/19/17 - 09:01 am
Chapter 1

Well. that is fascinating and educational! I love the language questions and the color theory both! I never read the story which contained Dwarven infrared, but now I'll be alert for it if I ever run across it.

Rainbows are awesome--I love "heavenly arch" and "bridge of heaven"! Anyway, terrific interaction between Celebrimbor and Narvi, not to mention I am thrilled by the reference to Telchar!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much, Oshun!

I'm glad you liked the interaction between the two and also the "rainbow theory" I included!

The idea with Telchar is, of course, that Curufin took his son along to Nogrod when he was negotiating with Telchar about Angrist (and learning Khuzdul) and that Celebrimbor has told Narvi about that visit before. 

I tried to see whether I could Google the source of the infrared vision idea, but all I found is that some versions of Dungeons & Dragons also seem to have the concept. Well, I do know I never played that!


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