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Reviewer: IgnobleBard (Signed)
01/25/10 - 08:21 pm
Chapter 1

I'm sure this story has been posted elsewhere but I've never seen it before. This is very funny and the line about an artists appreciation of nice breasts, so true. lol

I'm wondering if your "memory aids" are real or if you made them up for this story. Either way they're a hoot. And I think I learned the cranial nerves too. Not too shabby. :-)

Author's Response:

It's on my fic LJ and has been archived previously at The Last Ship (which will be going away in 2012 - so if you haven't been 'hanging out' in one of those places, you wouldn't have seen it.

The mnemonics are ones that we either heard from the fourth years when we were first years or made up ourselves while taking gross anatomy in medical school - so they're real. ;) And the line about 'artist's appreciation' was loosely based on something one of my best friends/classmates in medical school told me late one night on call.

Thanks! I'm glad I made you laugh!

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