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Reviewer: Virodeil (Signed)
02/04/11 - 02:43 am
Where Was Imrahil When Grond Hit the Gate?

(Gah! My review was swallowed by the internet, so I have to rewrite it again.)


This story was quite engaging and real. Furthermore, its plot flowed smoothly, and the pace was perfect. I do not know much about the film version of The Lord of the Rings; in fact, I know little; but I could say this piece is great and fitting for either version -- book or film. :)


Aragorn's being reunited with Imrahil was one of my favourite points here. And Imrahil, as a caracter, bore himself like a true prience would; proud of his heritage, and aware of his responsibilities. The green fog (I wonder, though, why Imrahil and his people could not see it for what it actually was...) was (yet again) another point that I am fond of there... But how could ghosts touch the ship, much less propell it? They were no longer incarnate beings. Or were they half-incarnate, in your universe? (I am now intrigued...)


I also noted that Idris (Am I spelling Imrahil's wife's name right?) and Lotheriel were in the campsite of Imrahil's troops. Did women here, in your universe, have more role in battles? (It was the conjecture I drew from the scene, and I would say I am pleased with the thought -- although it has not yet been confirmed by you as the author.)


As a point of reiteration: I totally enjoyed Imrahil's instructing his men during his escapade trying to draw out the pirates. It was awesome, and breath-taking. It was as if I were observing him in person. Such a vivid characterisation and imagery you had here.


Thank you for the lovely story. And I hope to see more related to it. If you would post it/them here?



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