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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
03/16/10 - 07:27 pm

I found your new chapter here first!  So thought I'd review here!

Oh, I find myself really intrigued with the abandoned hobbit holes, and look forward to whatever tale Deoric remembers!  Merry is going to be fascinated with his find-- wonder if he'll get a chance to see them?  Probably there won't be time, at least on this journey to Rohan.

Love the glimpse of Faramir and Eowyn and little Elboron! What a sweet little family they are.  And I also love Eowyn's observations about Lady Severen. I think she's a very shrewd judge of character!


Author's Response:

Thank you! So many people madre sneering remarks about Serveren, that I felt I had to redeem her somewhat. ;-)

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