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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
03/06/10 - 09:24 pm
Brothers Found

This is an excellent essay!  I hope it will give a lot of food for thought to those who read it, and perhaps, some plot bunnies.

I think at most points your speculation hits the mark-- there are perhaps a few where I might niggle slightly with the interpretations, but I found myself nodding in agreement with the majority of it.

And a few things I had not thought about before, such as the meaning of the encounters each had at Cerin Amroth!


Author's Response:

Thanks so, Dreamflower.  They are two special individuals, Aragorn and Frodo, and in so many ways so similar in spite of their differences.

Finally got my corrections back from RiverOtter and had time to implement them before seeing them published.  The image Frodo had of Aragorn there, seeing him not just as he was at the moment but as Arwen saw him--or as Aragorn remembered himself as Arwen pledged herself to him--has stuck with me, even as Frodo imagined himself there forever amidst the niphredil and elanor.   How right that these two I've ever seen as spiritual brothers should each find themselves ever here at this spot through all that was.

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