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Reviewer: Kaylee Arafinwiel (Signed)
05/01/10 - 09:30 pm

O well done Dreamflower! You did, you really *did* manage to make me feel sorry for Ted Sandyman, Dreamflower. I'm weeping...tears of grief for a life snuffed out, remorse that I thought I could hold his crimes against him, when he was just as much a pawn as the others...not that he wasn't guilty, but he didn't know what the Men and Sharkey were *truly* capable of...and now, too late, he has learned the lesson for himself. Too late for him...but Folco, I see, has forgiven him and helped him to go on. So now the tears I weep are of relief, and hope that this lost soul will come to full repentance and find hope again in the Presence.

*tiny smile* My mother would call me silly for feeling such things for a fictional character, but oh, I can't help it!


Author's Response:

Sandyman was a pawn, but a willing pawn.  No, he did not know how bad Sharkey and the Ruffians were, but he did not *allow* himself to know-- he had his suspicions and dismissed them.

Like Lobelia, he repented, but also like her, he *almost* left it too late.  And yet he could not have repented his actions without his sufferings-- until he himself experienced what he'd put others through, he did not have the regrets necessary to repent.  In his case, not until he was dying did he realize how wrong he'd been.  And so, for his own sake, his suffering was necessary to his redemption. 

But the good thing about Grace is there's no time limit, as long as one *is* sorry, it doesn't matter if it's on one's deathbed. 

Folco had a forgiving and kind nature in life, and so it seems only too natural that he'd extend that forgiveness and kindness to his former tormentor.

I don't think you are the least bit silly, dear!

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