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Reviewer: nautika (Signed)
07/06/10 - 09:15 pm

I still havent finished reading the books, so I didnt know about this passage. I do know that some canonists (is that a word?) were angry about Gimli's more comedic moments, so this entire story was educational and intriguing to me. It was also exhausting watching Legolas fight in that fashion. If you ever give lesson in writing action, *please* let me know.

I got so caught up in it that I was afraid he was going to be killed, even though I knew he survived!

Thanks for sharing. If I can get the 'Add to Favorites' feature to work, I'll be adding this one!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked this story! It's one of my early ones, so I'm not entirely satisfied with the writing but I don't have time to sit down and do a rewrite the way I would need to. So it lingers on. :) I'm probably someone you can lump into that category of angry people, because the Gimli I loved from the books was nowhere to be seen in the movie. I'll refrain from saying anything more lest I jump up on my soap box. ;) Anyway, many thanks for the compliments about writing action. It's not something I do all that often because it tends to exhaust me, so I'm always grateful when people enjoy the results. Thanks again!

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