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Reviewer: Raksha The Demon (Signed)
07/07/10 - 11:57 am

A fascinating story that shows how Gimli, like Merry and Pippin, has become much more award of other lands and cultures and peoples beyond his own as a result of his journey in LOTR - and how that change is not necessarily received well by his fellow dwarves.  And is it the best thing for Gimli and dwarvenkind, to open up to the world in this way?  (I found myself feeling a little sorry for Otin) Gimli thinks so at this point; and this story is a worthy new link in the precedent-defying chain of dwarven/elven friendship forged by him and Legolas (and JRRT). 

Author's Response: MANY thanks for such a wonderful review! One thing I really wanted to hint at in this story was that there was merit to be found on both sides of the argument. Neither Gimli nor Otin has had time enough to really formulate those arguments, but hopefully the seeds are there. That was the goal, at least. Thank you again!

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