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Reviewer: nautika (Signed)
07/06/10 - 09:04 pm
Father, Captain, and King

I read this story a couple of years ago, I think, but it was well worth another read. I've seen some comments somewhere recently about quality vs quantity. I think your entire story has quality, but in my mind, the balance shifts toward the last half. I was intrigued watching Thranduil work through Legolas' situation...step by step peeling away the truths and half-truths until he uncovered the real source of Legolas' withdrawl. See the different stages of Legolas' emotions was good, too, especially when he was dissatisfied with Thranduil's response, and his eyes sparked with challenge. When I first read it, I wasnt sure Thranduil told him the truth or if he just said what he thought Legolas needed to hear, but now I believe he was honest in it. And I'm glad!

Author's Response: Huge thanks for this review! My relationship with this story is a little ambivalent because I've never felt I hit the issues that I really wanted to hit. That I skirted them when I should have been more direct. Reading about some of those issues in your review makes me breathe a sigh of relief. And I'm like you: I think Thranduil was truthful in the end. Thanks again!

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