How to Post Your Stories

There are many archives that use e-fiction, so I am sure that many of you are already familiar with adding a story. However, we do have a few changes, custom made for our archive.

To post a story:

  1. After you have logged in, go to My Account. From the drop-down menu, select Add New Story. This will take you to the page where you can do that.
  2. Enter the title of the story. Your logged-in name will naturally be revealed as "Author". If you have a co-author, follow the directions on the page to add your co-author. This will only work, however, if your co-author is also a member of the site.
  3. Type in your brief summary.
  4. Add any "Story Notes" that you may wish to add. For the Monthly Challenge stories it is suggested that you always list at least the theme and element for your story.
  5. You will see a drop-down menu called "Category Options". Only two of those have sub-categories. If you select "The Books of J.R.R. Tolkien" then you will be given several choices. Highlight one, and then click on the little arrow between "Category Options" on your left-hand side and "Selected Categories" on your right-hand side. So if you select "The Lord of the Rings", that will appear in the right-hand box. If you select any of the other categories except Non-fiction, and click the arrow, that will also appear in the box. If you select Non-fiction, you may select from Essay or Research.
  6. The next step is the character list. You may notice that the characters are arranged slightly differently than similar lists elsewhere. Each character is identified first by "Race", so all Elves will appear together, all Hobbits, et cetera. You will also notice near the top some listings identified as "As a Group." There we have gathered some of the more commonly seen characters who often appear all together in a story. So if you have written a Fellowship story, you do not have to search and highlight all nine of the companions, you can merely choose "As a group: The Fellowship". You may also see anonymous groupings of characters, such as Ents or Ruffians, who could also be chosen.

    Hobbits are further grouped by being shown last name first: "Hobbit: Baggins- Bilbo". This helps keep the various family members closer together. We used a dash between the last name and the first, because the characters are also listed with commas in between, so it was less confusing.
  7. Although we have tried to list as many characters as possible, we may have missed one that you need. In such a case, choose the option "ADMIN: New character needed". This will alert the mods that you need another canon character added, and we will get in touch with you to find out who you need and add him or her to the list. This applies only to canon characters; if you need to indicate an Original Character, we have that option as well. You may then mention that character in the summary if you choose.
  8. You may choose as many characters as you please; simply hold down the Control key, as you highlight your various choices.
  9. Now you may choose a "Genre". There is a drop-down list there with a number of genres listed. Again, you may choose all that are appropriate for your story by holding down the Control key. If you are uncertain as to the meaning of some of these genres, check our Definitions of Genres page.
  10. Next, choose a place or places, and a time.
  11. Choose a rating. "G" is the default rating, so be certain to consider this if your story has a stronger rating than that. If the story is complete, check off that box as well.
  12. If you have notes specific to a chapter, the chapter notes are the place to add them.
  13. The next step is to add your story text. You may either do this by Copy/Pasting the story into the Story Text box, or you may upload a file from your computer.
  14. If you have any further Author's Notes, the "End Notes" box is the place to put them.
  15. Now, click on "Preview". This will take you to another page, where you can see how your story will look. Then check to make sure the story is as you wish. Continue scrolling down the page-- you will see another set of boxes, in case you wish to edit anything or make other changes. If you are satisfied, continue to the bottom, and click on the "Add Story" button. Your story will then be posted to the Archive.
  16. What if you have other chapters to add? Go to your account info, and select Manage Stories. Then select the Add Chapter option. It will take you to another page with chapter heading and a text box. Use the same procedure to add a new chapter to your story.
  17. If you have any problems in posting your story, please email the mods at