Site Etiquette, Terms of Service and Registration
Site Etiquette, TOS & Registration

Site Etiquette

  • Abusive or derogatory behavior will not be tolerated at any time or in any part of Many Paths to Tread. We do not welcome or allow any content in our group that is designed to be hurtful or insulting.
  • If at any time, you have a problem with another member while at Many Paths to Tread, it is your responsibility to contact a moderator about it. As moderators, we do our best to keep on top of what goes on in the group, but we are human, and we sometimes miss things; therefore, it is your responsibility to inform us if another member is violating the etiquette outlined here. In keeping with this, members are not to attempt to solve conflicts that occur on this site. More often than not, this only makes the problem worse. Please take your concerns to a moderator.
  • Many Paths to Tread is a drama-free group. While some groups relish personal conflict and drama, we do not. If you cannot get along with other group members, ignore them. If you cannot ignore them, rethink your membership in Many Paths to Tread; it is also not a place to “wank” over people, sites, or stories that you dislike. Please keep this to your personal blog or within groups that like that sort of thing.
  • Under no circumstances should you publicly share another person's personal information on any part of Many Paths to Tread. This includes their full or real name, email, instant messaging screen names, address, telephone number, or any other information by which that person can be identified or contacted against their will.
  • We recognize that no one is perfect and that members may forget and fail to follow our conduct guidelines. As such, we try to be lenient and understanding. If you make an honest mistake, we're not going to suspend or delete your account. In general, we will observe a "three strikes rule" before taking any action against a member. However, if our moderators feel that someone is acting deliberately to harm Many Paths to Tread and/or its members, we reserve the right to delete that person's account without prior warning.
  • Our site moderators are also contributing members of the Many Paths to Tread who interact with other members through public forums like the site's review system or the email discussion list. Members should be aware that moderators will never address private issues or concerns through any public systems. All such correspondence will be conducted through private email and will be clearly identified as official group business. Any official group business conducted by an individual moderator using tools such as the email discussion group or the LiveJournal community to reach the entire membership base will be clearly labeled as such. In all other matters, moderators carry the same status as members.

Author Etiquette

  • This group was designed as a place where authors can enjoy posting their stories. We hope to encourage readers to comment on the stories they read here, and generally do expect most such comments to be positive. However, if a reader should point out some aspect of your story with which they disagree, or a way they think the story could be approved, as long as it is done in a civil and polite manner, please try to take it in the generous spirit of give and take with which it was meant.
  • Along the same lines, if you choose to reply to your commenters, please do so politely. Not everyone will like every aspect of your work. You are welcome—and encouraged—to contact your commenters for clarification when necessary, but not to strike up arguments or berate the commenter because s/he did not like certain aspects of your work.
  • In the instance that you feel that a comment is inappropriately harsh, please contact a moderator. There is Commenter Etiquette here as well! Please do not reply to the comment. We will gladly handle the situation for you.
  • Always rate your writing properly and include relevant warnings. Stories which fall into the "adult" or NC-17 rating are not allowed. Stories with PG-13 or R ratings will carry a warning. Many Paths to Tread is a family-friendly site, and stories should reflect that. Failure to properly rate a story will result in the story’s removal from our site. When in doubt, please be conservative in choosing your ratings and warnings. There are many archives that welcome adult-rated material, and stories which fall into that category should be archived elsewhere.
  • While Many Paths to Tread is intended as a place for authors to share their work, and works-in-progress are welcomed, authors should nonetheless observe minimal standards of professionalism when presenting their work. Work shared on our site should be proofread by the author, run through a spell-checker, and organized in manuscript format. (That is, stories should be separated clearly into sentences and paragraphs.) While everyone makes the occasional error and we do not require perfection, we do expect that these minimal standards be met.
  • Please take care to properly reference any sources that you use in your writing. This includes direct quotes from Tolkien’s works, direct quotes or original source material that belongs to other authors, and secondary source material, such as song lyrics or books. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and is considered unprofessional and unethical.

Commenter Etiquette

  • Many Paths to Tread was founded as a place for authors to share their writing. Constructive criticism is allowed here; however, diplomacy is required. Commenters are expected to be courteous and respectful of all authors and stories that they choose to review. Preface any critical remarks by indicating that it is your opinion, and refrain from asserting that an author is "wrong" for their interpretation of canon. It is often wise to save comments on grammatical or canon error for a private message, unless you know the author well, and are certain that s/he will not mind.
  • Never attack or criticize the author. If your comment begins, “Because you’re a teenager/a woman/a new writer/Chinese/gay/straight/American/male/whatever,” then you need to seriously rethink what you are saying. We comment on stories here, not authors.
  • If a story warns that it contains “such and such” and you are a vocal opponent of “such and such” in stories, then it is a good idea to skip reading that story. It is not acceptable to criticize an author about his or her choice of genre (i.e. slash, AU, Mary Sue) or content (i.e. sexuality, violence) if the author includes this as part of the descriptions or warnings attached to a story. If you feel a story is in serious violation of the site standards for ratings, contact the mods, rather than venting to the author in a public comment.
  • Just as we expect a minimum of professionalism from our authors, we expect the same of our commenters. No one will be checking your spelling or grammar, but your review should be in sentences and should not use “netspeak.”

Terms of Service

  • You retain all rights to and control of the materials that you share on Many Paths to Tread.
  • You assume all liability for using the site(s), services, and features associated with Many Paths to Tread. We are not liable for any damages that occur during the use of our site(s).
  • The Many Paths to Tread archive and other group services are not intended to serve as a document backup system. In the event of a data loss, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to restore any or all of the materials that you have stored on the site(s), and we will not be held liable for any lost information. Please make frequent and careful backups of your work.
  • The Many Paths to Tread archive utilizes a combination of ratings and warnings to assist our members and visitors in avoiding content that they may find offensive. However, Many Paths to Tread does not guarantee that these systems will be properly or consistently used and does not take responsibility for any material posted on our site(s) that is incorrectly rated or labeled and/or that may be offensive to some visitors.
  • Many Paths to Tread may link via our site(s) to Internet content outside of Many Paths to Tread. Such content has not been reviewed or approved by Many Paths to Tread, and we make no guarantees to the veracity, suitability, or safety of such content. Users of the site(s) access such linked material at their own risk.
  • Using Many Paths to Tread-provided features including the review system, private messaging, or any other means of contacting Many Paths to Tread members via the site(s) to harass, threaten, or spam other members may result in termination or deletion of the user's account.

In joining Many Paths to Tread, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the terms above. You are agreeing to abide by these terms or risk having your member account suspended or deleted. Questions should be directed to our moderation team at

Registration process:

Welcome to the Many Paths to Tread Archive! We're happy you want to join us.

To register with the archive, please send an email to with the penname you would like to have.

Please note: for pennames, the following characters are allowed: upper and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and underscores. Not allowed are any special characters, including characters with diacritics.
You might also want to check with the list of all current members to see if your desired penname is not already in use.

One of the moderators will set up your account as quickly as possible and will get back to you with a temporary password and the link to your profile.

Once you have both penname and temporary password, you can access your account, edit your profile and change your password.