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It is to be hoped that these resources will prove useful to our members in writing and researching their stories. These links are checked periodically, but sites sometimes go offline, so there might be broken links. Please do let us know if you find any! Whenever possible, we replace broken links with links to the site through

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Writing Resources

Live Journal Communities for writers

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Writing Fanfiction

How to Write Almost Readable Fanfiction

What is Fanfiction FAQ

Free Online Thesaurus

Online Rhyming Dictionary

The Elements of Style
(William Strunk Jr.'s classic book on grammar and style available online)

Grammar Tips for Writing Fiction

Fiction Writing Tips

Tolkien's Use of Thee and Thou

General Info on Middle-earth

Encyclopedia of Arda

The Thain's Book

Finduilas's J.R.R. Tolkien HomePage

Shire of the Hobbits
Geocities Page through

Dana's Annotated Tale of Years
(This is a nifty version of the ToY, with the First Age from the Encyclopedia of Arda, and the rest from the ToY in LOTR. But she's made some corrections and additions--such as birthdates and so forth, which she has noted, and has included the years in Shire Reckoning as well as the Third Age years.)

Tolkien Chapter of the Week Project
(A discussion project of the usenet groups,

A History and Complete Chronology of Numenor

Middle-earth Calendars

The following links were contributed by Linda Hoyland:

Mythic Truth -
(This is a very interesting and detailed site about Catholic influences in "Lord of the Rings".
Highly recommended, it greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the book as well as giving me ideas to help me with writing my stories. Linda Hoyland)

Talking about Tolkien -
(An interesting site with lots of photos of Tolkien and info about his work. It is being compiled for Chinese fans but is in English too.
It even tells you what lines from the book found their way into the films and has the timeline,useful if your copy of LOTR Is in another room while writing a fanfic.
There are also links to audio and video of the Professor. Linda Hoyland)

From pointy ears to Grima's tears -
investigations of a Tolkien enthusiast
(A collection of essays on various subjects the most interesting being about healing in Middle-earth. Linda Hoyland)

Warm beds are Good
(An interesting essay about different kinds of love and friendship, as well as sex in Tolkien's work.)

Tolkien Geek
(A delightful site summarising and commenting on Tolkien's works.)

Hair and Eye Colours
(A very useful list quoting what Tolkien has to say about the hair and eye colour of his characters.)


Historical naming lists:
(a hint for using historical lists: choose names of Frankish, Merovingian or Germanic origin for male hobbit gentry; choose simple Saxon or Early English names for working class hobbits; choose names of Anglo-Saxon origin for the Rohirrim. Chose Scandinavian names for Dwarves)

Flower and Jewel names for hobbit females
Geocities Page through
Geocities Page through

Feminine Naming Conventions in Middle-earth
(What not to name your female characters. Excellent article.)

Excellent Site with Middle-earth Naming information
(Includes links to info for not only Elves, but other races as well)

Female Exilic-Sindarin Names

Male Exilic-Sindarin Names

Genderless Exilic-Sindarin Names

List of Hobbit Family Names
(Fairly comprehensive list. Just remember that the Westron names were not used in LOTR and that some names, such as Fairbairn and Gardner were not used until the Fourth Age.)

Hobbit Names
(Contains comprehensive lists of hobbit names found in LOTR)
Geocities Page through

Sources for Dwarven Names

Edain (mortal human) names
Geocities Page through

Numenorean-Sindarin Names
Site Offline, Available through


Languages of Arda
(Ardalambion has information on all of Tolkien's languages.)

Online Sindarin Dictionaries

Online Quenya Dictionaries
Geocities Page through
Page Offline, Available through



Sindarin Dictionary (from Linda Hoyland)

Travel Times and Distances

Timetable and travel info for LotR
Site Offline, Available through

Travel Times in Middle-earth

The Eowyn Challenge


Hobbit genealogy

Cousins Explained

Flora and Fauna

General garden sites

Flowers, Trees and Other Plants






Rabbit snare

Medical and Herbal Info

Online editions of old medical texts

Herbal remedies

The following links with medical information contributed by SurgicalSteel:
Squire's Companion to the British Pharmacopoeia
Culpepper's Complete Herbal
A Textbook of Operative Surgery ca 1890 - pretty graphic, as it is a surgical text
A Treatise on Insanity: useful if you're wanting to deal with mental illness
A Manual of Military Surgery: Civil War Era, has some good material on things other than battlefield trauma that military surgeons were expected to treat

Food and Recipes
Page Offline, Available through
Site Offline, Available through

Fighting and Weapons

Fighting techniques







Replica Mediaeval clothing (from Linda Hoyland)

Screencaps (contributed by Shirebound):