A Proposal of Renewal by Larner

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For Agape4Gondor, for her birthday.  Beta by RiverOtter.


A Proposal of Renewal

            Gimli considered the younger Dwarf’s proposal for a long moment.  Was I truly that young once? he asked himself  “You would indeed seek to return to Khazad-dûm, knowing what was awakened there?” he asked aloud.

            Ori’s grandson faced the Lord of Aglarond squarely.  “Balin sought to rebuild our most ancient kingdom there.  It is true he and those who went with him are lost, but I would see that dream fulfilled at last, now that the Dark One is no more to breed orcs and trolls to overwhelm us.  I would restore his tomb and the memorials to our people there, and see our folk again know some hint of glory there once more.”

            “But our days are passing as surely as have those of the Elves,” Gimli pointed out.  “We do not increase our numbers--not in these days.”

            “Perhaps all the more reason to consider the project,” the younger Dwarf responded.  “Let us not be remembered by Men only for those cities of our peoples we abandoned, but more for those we restored.”

            It was a worthy thought.

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