Just To Listen by Pearl Took

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The young dwarves who had moved to The Glittering Caves of Aglarond loved their new home. It had been many long generations since any of their race had new caverns to work upon.

As Gimi had assured Legolas, they worked cautiously upon the walls, floors or ceilings of the caverns. Great crystal lamps were wrought to light the various chambers. Crevices were carefully widened where glimmers in the dark had indicated rooms beyond. Plainer chambers were given over to building, becoming communities with houses and shops. The gem and mineral encrusted caverns were used as parks for the enjoyment of their natural beauty. Only a few small sized caves were mined for their gold and gems.

Gimli had taken his time in choosing the location for his own rooms and they bore a curious (to his fellow dwarves) feature. The Lord of the Glittering Caves had his own private tunnel to the outside. Stranger still was what lay at its opening: a magical door whose word of opening was simple, sant, garden in the Common Tongue, for that was what the passage opened onto, a private garden.

Well, what else could be said, the Dwarves of Aglarond would say to one another. Their lord was strange. Different. He was an Elf-friend. Not, mind you, that any of them hated the Elves, but none were as close to the Elves as Gimli.

Those who followed him had not really enjoyed the journey to their new home. They were not comfortable exposed above ground. Yet their leader had ordered the construction of a private walled garden outside, against the mountain’s flank.

Gimli looked up from the plans he was perusing with his top builders as a guard from the main entrance to his realm entered the meeting room.

“It has begun, Master Gimli.”

“Thank you.” He turned to the builders. “My good dwarves, our meeting is dismissed for now. I will send word when I am ready to get back to this matter.”

They left and Gimli smiled as he hurried to his rooms. He had been changed by the War of the Ring. Changed in ways he never would have expected.

He loved the open world. With a sigh, Gimli sat down to listen to what had become the most beautiful sound in the world to him.

He closed his eyes to listen to the rain.

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