To Follow The Star of High Hope by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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Author's Chapter Notes:


A/N: Well, it's about fathers, so I hope it fits for June and Father's Day. Beta by Dawn Felagund, dedicated to my atar indonyo, Fiondil. :)


Then Amandil said farewell to all his household, as one that is about to die. 'For,' said he, 'it may well prove that you will see me never again; and that I shall show you no such sign as Eärendil showed long ago. But hold you ever in readiness, for the end of the world that we have known is now at hand.'

It is said that Amandil set sail in a small ship at night, and steered first eastward, and then went about and passed into the west. And he took with him three servants, dear to his heart, and never again were they heard of by word or sign in this world, nor is there any tale or guess of their fate. Men could not a second time be saved by any such embassy, and for the treason of Númenor there was no easy absolving.

Akallabêth, The Silmarillion


"Will we ever see you again, Adar?" Elendil stood on the quay at Rómenna, Isildur and Anárion behind him. Anárion drew Berethiel close to his side, his arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders, as they watched Amandil give last-minute orders. "It is dangerous," Elendil continued, before Amandil had a chance to reply. "You are our Lord, and with you gone and Ar-Pharazôn yet on the throne..."

It was with great difficulty that Amandil interrupted his heir. "You must continue on as though nothing is wrong, iôn nîn. I know you will do well. You may see me again; you may not. Remember, my son, when the time is mete, if your cousin has not hearkened to your words, do not seek to follow me. Seek the Hither Lands. Seek the East, and bring our hope with you."

He placed his hand on Elendil's head, and gave two chests into his son's keeping. Elendil looked uncertain. "But Adar, these...these are..." Amandil nodded. "The Sceptre of Annúminas, the gift of our foremother Silmarien; there is the Star of Andúnië, now the Star of Elendil. Wear it proudly, my son. This also would I give you,that you may keep it in stewardship to return at last at our reunion, or else pass into Isildur's hands at your death." He slipped a ring off his finger. It was twined into the shape of two serpents, one upholding a flower of yellow as the other devoured it. Emerald eyes glinted as Elendil turned the ring over, and he reverently slipped it onto his forefinger. "I will value the trust you have given to me, Ada, and be Steward of the Faithful until my stewardship ends by death or reunion."

" Namarië," Amandil said softly, brushing his lips over Elendil's brow. He gave the kiss of benediction to his grandsons and his grandson Anárion’s wife, then patted the head of the babe nursing at her breast. "Nai le cuivuva alya, pityaquen," he murmured, then caught the rope ladder, climbed up to the deck of his ship, and without even a backward glance, he was gone. Amandil's ship pushed silently off the quay and cleaved through the starlit waters under the new moon, heading due East...for a time. Soon enough, Amandil's ship would turn for the West...the uttermost West, and he would sue for pardon from its Lords. Whether it was too late or no, will he or nill he, Amandil would chart the course of his long-sire and pray for forgiveness.


Chapter End Notes:

Notes: The Akallabêth is the tale of the Downfall of Númenor, in the Silmarillion.

The Faithful of Numenor use the Elven languages when alone together, though they are forced to use Adunaic, the precursor to Westron, in public (which doesn't happen here.) Elendil is the last acknowledged Lord of Andúnië, though Amandil was the last to truly serve as lord. The Lords of Andúnië were the immediate predecessors of the Kings of Arnor and Gondor (lines begun by Elendil's elder and younger sons).

Nai le cuivuva alya, pityaquen - "May you live blessed, little one", translation lifted from Fiondil's story Mavoinë, "Great Longing", which can be found in Tales from Vairë's Loom on Stories of Arda. Other than both stories being set in the Land of Gift, I don't think the two situations bear much, if any, resemblance to each other.

Incidentally, said "little one" is Meneldil, Anárion's apparently last-born child and the last Man born in Númenor. Tolkien gives us no indication whatever as to his three elder siblings, so apparently they were daughters, or else they were sons who died before they had any important role to play. I just got an absolutely wicked, evil plotbunny as to the second idea, considering we're talking about a time when Sauron was given free reign and he had a temple built for Morgoth...

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