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This Gallery contains pictures of the characters, some canon and some OC, found in the story "Light from the West".  Some of the models are actual actors, others are unknown models found on stock picture sites.  All photo manipulations are done with respect and admiration; no nudity here!  

Note:  though designated as "complete", more pictures may be added later.


Story Notes:

Fair Warning:  For those not familiar with the entire story, these pictures may contain spoilers!

Table of Contents

1. Elwing by Armariel [Reviews - 0] (1 words)

Model:  Aishwarya Rai

2. Frodo's Elflings by Armariel [Reviews - 0] (1 words)

3. Olorin/Gandalf, Celebrían and Ríannor by Armariel [Reviews - 0] (4 words)

Models:  Michelle Pfeiffer, Sir Ian McKellan and Catherine Zeta Jones

4. Galendur, Tilwen and Guilin by Armariel [Reviews - 0] (1 words)

Models:  Jude Law, Bryce Dallas Howard, Johnny Depp

5. Anemone by Armariel [Reviews - 0] (2 words)

Model:  Drew Barrymore

6. Frodo's Sea-Children by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (1 words)

Models:  Unknown


Note:  The pictures of Raven are featured in "Frodo's Elflings" so they are not shown here.

Story Information

Categories: Artwork
Characters: Hobbit: Baggins: Frodo, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Other: Gandalf/Mithrandir/Ólorin
Genres: Artwork: photomanip
Places: Undying Lands: Tol Eressëa
Times: 4-Fourth Age
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6    |    Word count: 10    |    Read Count: 6620
Completed: Yes    |    Updated: 08/07/10    |    Published: 08/07/10