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A collection of LotR song parodies and other silly tidbits.....

Table of Contents

1. The Uruk Mash by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (311 words)

2. Splish Splash by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (165 words)

3. You Can't Get a Man With a Blade by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (279 words)

4. Swingin' on a Star by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (38 words)

5. The Ballad of Gollum by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (178 words)

6. YOU KNOW YOU'RE A REAL LOTR NUT WHEN.... by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (307 words)

7. WHO'S THE CUTEST? by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (419 words)

8. THEY SAID WHAAAATTTTTT????!!!! by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (2720 words)


Call 'em "anti-quotes"....These are all mine (yes, I actually admit to it;))...originally posted in somebody's Livejournal when I had nothing better to do...lol

Mainly movieverse.

Warning:  Some naughty words......

9. Lord of the Rings: The Musical!? by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (804 words)

Lord of the Rings:  The Musical!?

Lyrics by Armariel & Marielwing

CAUTION: Irreverent Content Ahead! The Authors will not be held responsible if you are never able to watch "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" the same way again *g*


Pay no attention to that Geek behind the curtain...lol

10. What if?????????????? by Armariel [Reviews - 1] (113 words)

A/N:  Once upon on a message board, someone posted a question:  "Frodo went through a lot to destroy the Ring; how might he have been spared all the trouble?" (or something like that--it's been a while)...Well, here's what I came up with.....fortunately for us readers, it didn't happen;)

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