There and Back Again by Dreamflower

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Story Notes:

(Written for the November 2010 LOTR GFIC "Pairs" Drabble Challenge)

Author: Dreamflower
Title: There and Back Again
Rating: G
Theme: Pairs (drabbles)
Elements: beginning, end
Summary: Bilbo ponders Adventure.
Word Count: 100

There and Back Again

In the beginning, Adventure didn’t seem so bad. Riding his sturdy little pony behind the Dwarves and Gandalf, he enjoyed the unfamiliar hillsides and farms, sunshine, birdsong, the freshening breeze of early spring, and a merry old inn.

Then came the trolls.

He put that behind him in Rivendell, but goblins, Gollum, wolves, spiders --most of all, the Dragon and the battle afterward made him eager to see home once more.

Then he returned to the Shire. Telling of his time away, he found painted a brighter picture with his words. Adventure didn’t seem so bad at journey’s end.

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