Leaving Home by nautika

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Story Notes:

Author's Notes: I am not Tolkien. These characters are his.

Leaving Home

"What will we do now, brother?"
"We will go live with our uncle."
"But I want to stay here."
"I know, but our uncle is the king. His place is in Edoras, so we must go there."
"But I don't know anyone in Edoras."
"You know me. Soon you will know our cousin Theodred."
"Is Theodred the king's son?"
"Does he have a sister?"
"Maybe he will have one someday."
"Nay. Theodred's mother is dead."
"Like ours."
"Aye." Eomer knelt before her. "Worry not, sister. I will take care of you."
"Aye. That is what brothers do."

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