B2MEM 2011 March 7 - Healing at Last (Overcoming Prejudice) by Kaylee Arafinwiel

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"Wounded! We need all Loriennildi and Estenduri to the quay!" I spin on my heels and race in the direction of the call. Reborn though I am, I have found my calling as a servant of Este. What I do not expect is the wan, pale face that looks up from the litter...the image of my son, had he only been born a daughter. Her eyes are bluer, but she is his daughter, I can feel it. A pang strikes at my heart.
"Who is she?" I whisper to her attendant.   "Celebrian," is his reply, equally soft. "Celebrian, daughter of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, here called Artanis."
That flighty Golodh! I shake my head at that. I have never thought much of the Golodhrim, they who called us Moriquendi. Dark Elves, indeed...
But I have no time to think of prejudices against the Golodhrim. As Hir Bannoth told we Reborn, all is forgiven, all debts paid. She is my daeriel, I am her daernaneth; that is all that matters.
"Do you hear me, Celebrian?" Her eyes try to focus on mine, as I take her hand. "My name is Baraves. I am..."

"Daernaneth," comes the throaty whisper. "Adar told me..."
"Yes, child. Shh...you are hurting. Do not overtax yourself. It is well. I am here. Daernaneth is here, my darling girl."
"You...and Nana..."
"It does not matter, pen-neth. She did not hold that sword," I say bracingly, "nor did she approve of those who did. Hush now, my love, Daernana will look after you." Obediently, Celebrian quiets herself, eyes drifting shut.
I will see her healed. As we take her to our camp with the other wounded, I hear the story from her escort, and shudder. Yrch! Creatures of darkness, servants of the Dark Lord...ai, my poor, poor daeriel. Even her husband, one of the greatest healers in Ennor, could not see her healed...but here, under my care, she will come back to herself.
  Someday...someday she will be well, and have her family again. For now, she has me, and that is as good a beginning as any. "I love you, child," I murmur over her, settling her into bed and tucking the blankets round her. "Sleep now, all will be better in the morning." I shall see to that, or my name is not Baraves, wife of Galadhon...which it most certainly is. Goodnight, my darling. Sleep well.
 The End

Chapter End Notes:

Loriennildi and Estenduri are the followers of the Vala Irmo (aka Lorien) and Este. They are healers of the body and soul. That information is taken from what I've learned from Fiondil. :)


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